Posted on May 11, 2019


What to expect when you see a Naturopathic Clinician?

Your first visit in the clinic may last between 60-90 minutes and will initially focus on finding the cause of the presenting complaint and to educate and empower you to understand your health manifestation.
Questions regarding when the condition began, duration, severity, are generally involved to understand the complexity of the situation and underlying causation.
Everyone has a unique interaction with their nutritional environment and therefore a clinical picture assessment (CPA) involving a naturopathic nutritional assessment & possibly specific nutritional testing may be advised to gain further information about your health status.
Although each naturopath may have a different way of practising their modalities, common study areas include nutrition, herbal medicine, massage, flower essences and homeopathy and reviewing your situation will cover questioning most body systems, from immunity to digestive function, sleep quality, mental health to reproductive health and so on. To provide hindsight in your current situation, the naturopath may also perform a range of non-invasive diagnostic techniques including tongue, iris, & nail analysis.
You will be asked what your desired outcomes are for your personalised treatment plan and by the end of the consult you will be provided with tailor-made directions to follow which may include dietary changes, exercise or physical medicine, stress reduction as well as herbal medicine
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